Secure Your Business Servers, PCs and Macs

Last generation Antivirus software is not performing like it used to. This has left significant gaps in defences of your businesses and made you more vulnerable to attacks like a ransomware attack.

We only provide a next generation endpoint security suite consisting of a managed antivirus and antimalware software suite to provide the best possible solution. Best of all, you pay a fixed monthly fee per device.


of devices in the data had not run a full system scan via their installed antivirus product within the last seven days

What makes us different

Cloud Powered

Our anti-virus software uses the a cloud database to make sure you always have the most up to date virus protection.

Real-time protection

Our solution works in real time, making sure known threats are picked up immediately, not the next time you remember to scan your PC.

Less than a cup of coffee

Getting this level of protection used to be hugely expensive and out of reach for SMEs. We do it smarter, making it cost less than a cup of coffee a day.

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