Business Continuity, Backup and Total Data Protection


Top organisations don’t settle for unmonitored backups of their data anymore, they demand a complete data protection and continuity solution that ensures that they are an always on business.

We bring together all the elements of business continuity and provide them in a simple monthly fee for your organisation.



Chance a businesses will cease operation after critical data is lost



Chance a businesses will cease operation just 2 years later.

Whats the Difference between Backup and Continuity

Backup: The term backup gets thrown around a lot and could mean anything from a few old files you store on a memory stick to a fully managed image-based solution. We define a backup as a minimum of 3 independent copies in two mediums with one offsite.

Continuity: Continuity is about how quickly you business can get back up and running after a disaster. If your server went down, how quickly do you need it to get it up and going again? Think in minutes, not days.

Monitoring vs Management: Monitoring is when a backup software emails a service provider or staff member if the backup fails or has issues. Management is when the service provider takes on the responsibility of actively testing and managing the backup to make sure its doing what its supposed to and not feeding back false information.

Backup vs Continuity plan: A backup plan documents how an organisation stores a backup copy of its data, where it stores it and what software products are used to perform this function. A continuity plan takes it one step further and documents clearly defined objectives and processes to get back up and running after a disaster.


  • No Backup 0% 0%
  • Unmonitored Backup, No Backup/Continuity Plan 10% 10%
  • Monitored Backup, No Backup/Continuity Plan 40% 40%
  • Managed Backup Minimising Data Loss. 75% 75%
  • Fully Managed Continuity Solution 100% 100%

What makes us different


Every 15 Minutes

Computer died? don’t worry, we will have you back up and running up to 15 minutes ago, even on dissimilar hardware.

Cloud Protection

Is the only copy of your business data in one place? Protect your business by always having a backup in the cloud that you can access at any time.

Screenshot Verification

The boot test is the only real test for your backups. Our solution automatically boot tests your backups daily and saves a screenshot.

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