Always on email – It’s time to upgrade

In the past, organisations used to buy a server and run their own email service. These servers were often unreliable, expensive to manage and complicated to configure and support.

Thankfully, those days are over. Using the power of the cloud, organisations can get an enterprise level email service priced at a simple per user per month basis


Financially Guaranteed Email Uptime

Our email solution is hosted with Microsoft who provides a financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA). If microsoft breaches the SLA it will literally cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation.

As we say, back the horse with self interest written on the side of it.

Outlook email on mobile and tablet devices

Business-Grade Email

Fully Compatible with Outlook

Sync Calendars, Contacts, tasks across all your devices

100% Supported

24-hour phone support

Friendly Webmail interface


24/7 uptime for email
Awesome Security for Email

Improved security

Enterprise level compliance and security

Prevent sensitive documents from being emailed outside of the organisation

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