Business as Usual

Our customers were COVID ready in 2017. Were you?
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Estimated new money you could unlock with better use of internet and mobile technology (PwC)

Bendigo’s small businesses can unlock an additional $286 million of private sector output over the next ten years from better use of internet and mobile technology; approximately $62,900 per small business.
PwC Australia

2016 Silver and Mid-market Cloud Solutions Microsoft Partner

Who Are We?


Uptake Digital is one of the fastest growing Cloud Solutions Providers in Victoria. We provide our customers with business solutions that leverage new technologies like the cloud that provide our customers with real value.

Our business is simple, we have business conversations around the strengths and opportunities of your business and then provide you with a means to make it happen.

This is why we are the first stop for digital for all of our clients. No more silly excuses, no more unnecessary tech, just smart solutions that lead to great outcomes.

What do you want to achieve in your business?


"There are no technology problems, there are only business problems with technology solutions."

Take Advantage of Disruption


Increase Productivity

Staff can only do their best work if you have the best tools.

Build a Subscription Revenue Base

Deliver value every month to your customers and build up a recurring revenue stream.


Automate, Automate, Automate

Build something once, make it happen 1000 times. Be truly scalable.

Sell better

A CRM system can provide an excellent buying process and better management of leads. The easier it is to buy, the easier it is to sell.

Recover Wasted Business Resources


Get out of the Hardware Business

Cloud computing turns expensive big bang hardware into a simple monthly payment

Reduce Duplication

Centralise your resources and make sure that every staff member has the right version at their fingertips

Increase Productivity

The Laptop is the toolbox of the 21st century, make sure your staff are highly productive and able to work on all their devices.

Stay Always On

Businesses lose thousands of $'s every year to downtime because they don't have the right solutions in place. (cost calculator)

Give Your Customers Confidence



Managed Security

Security has never been more complicated, make sure you have the right security stack and have it managed.

Smarter Backup

Our backup product can backup as frequently as every 15 minutes and is safe from cryptolocker/ransomware attacks. Learn More


Audit and Compliance

We can make sure you are compliant with all the relevant government legislation in your industry.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Don't compromise security for mobility, make sure your company data is safe outside of the office. Learn More